Bryan Cranston by Gage Skidmore under CC BY-SA 2.0

Also known as Walter White

Bryan Cranston may go down in cult history being known as the infamous Heisenberg, but don't let this overshadow other amazing roles he has played. Let’s check out where else you can see Bryan Cranston aka Walter White in action!

Posted: March 1, 2015, 12:28 pm

Bryan's former long term comedic role on Malcolm in the Middle had AMC officials very hesitant when casting Cranston as Walter White in the series hit, Breaking Bad. Gilligan actually chose him based on a past performance he played on the Drive episode of The X-Files, which had been written by Gilligan himself. Bryan actually played a huge role in the character development of Walter White. With his outstanding acting ability in Breaking Bad, he landed the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for seasons 1-3. Bryan Cranston and Bill Cosby are the only two actors to win this award three consecutive times. He may go down in cult history being known as the infamous Heisenberg, but don't let this overshadow other amazing roles he has played.

How I met your mother (2005-2014), Hammond Druthers

With his previous comedic work playing on Malcolm in the Middle, Bryan Cranson playing as Hammond Druthers was an excellent choice. Hammond is Ted's arrogant and self-centered boss and later co-worker at the architectural firm Ted worked for. He was widely hated by all members of the firm, including Ted. His role was to essentially portray the boss you would never want to have, and he did an amazing job.

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Godzilla (2014), Joe Brody

There was a lot of confusion with the cast of Cranston playing Joe Brody. Because he had done so well in Breaking Bad, the film's trailers show cased him as a main character, when in fact, he was not. Cranston plays the role of Joe Brody, a scientist trying to solve a mysterious breach that caused an earthquake killing his wife some 15 years earlier in Japan. While he plays a huge part in the build of this story, his son Ford (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), is the lead actor and character in the story.

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Cold Comes the Night (2013), Topo

In this film, Cranston plays the role of the main villain, Topo, a Polish hitman that is going blind and latches on the other main character, Chloe to guide him to what he wants. Cranston wanted to play Topo because the character was very attractive to him, in the sense that Topo had rare character traits.

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Red Tails (2012), Colonel William Mortamus

Red Tails is the story of the struggle African-American pilots faced in World War II and because of his role as the seemingly changing bad guy in Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston was cast to play the role of the villain of this movie. He is the racist colonel who just doesn't want to give these men a fighting chance.

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Argo (2012), Jack O'Donnell

Bryan plays the role of Jack O'Donnell, a head CIA agent that aided in the successful rescue of six Americans hiding in Tehran after the Iranian took over the United States Embassy in 1980. The film ended up winning the Academy Award for Best Picture. Ben Affleck, who directed the movie, also played the main role alongside Bryan Cranston, who is a major fan of his director skills.

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Drive (2011), Shannon

Playing Shannon in this 2011 thriller, Bryan Cranston's progresses the story along for the Driver, Ryan Gosling. His role in the movie was to take a criminal and make him a hero through the progression of the story. This film is believed to have not done as well as it should have because it was in theaters before the Breaking Bad obsession set in. Bryan did an absolutely amazing job in this movie none the less and really made the movie more emotional where Gosling's character was lacking.

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Malcolm in the Middle (2000–2006), Hal

Paired with an over controlling mother, and belittled by 4 sons, Bryan plays the role of Hal, the immature but loveable father of this modern day comedic family. This is where Bryan was most recognized prior to the boom of Breaking Bad. He played an amazingly funny father role and lovable husband in this series which won several awards and has some of the highest ratings in sitcom history.

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